Kin Folk is a personal documentary exploring the roots of my family living in Southern Alabama and the struggles they are currently facing as a family. Beginning in Selma, a place most commonly known for attacks by State Troopers at the base of the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Kinfolk is a story not only of personal lineage, but also of the echo chamber of American culture and the manifestation of a capitalist society. This work explores my family’s quest for the American Dream while eking out an existence in Black Belt Alabama, 140 years post-Reconstruction.

As of March 2011, I am learning to use my camera as an outlet to better understand my family and how they are surviving on a day-to-day basis. Along with this journey comes many stories from the past, a need for survival on little to no income, moments of laughter, and moments of heartache and distress. To date, I am not entirely sure where this journey may take me or where it may end, but I do know that I am opening my own eyes to the lifestyles of a few people that make up rural, Southern America and more importantly my family.

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